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CITIC Limited, founded in Dec 2011, was established by CITIC Group Corporation based on most of its operating assets with joint initiation of Beijing CITIC Enterprise Management CO., Ltd, one of the Group’s wholly owned subsidiaries. The registered capital of CITIC Limited stands at RMB 128 billion with Mr. Chang Zhenming as the legal representative. 

CITIC Limited is a large state-owned multinational conglomerate with a balanced development of both financial and non-financial businesses. Its financial business covers a full range of services including commercial banking, investment banking, trust, insurance, fund management and asset management and its non-financial business includes real estate, engineering contracting, energy and resources, infrastructure construction, machinery manufacturing and IT industry with clear overall strength and great momentum of development.

CITIC Group Corporation, the shareholder of CITIC Limited was established in 1979 by Comrade Rong Yiren with the initiation and support by Comrade Deng Xiaoping. Since its inception, CITIC Group Corporation has given full play to the role of a pilot of national economic reform and an important window on China’s opening to the outside world and made explorations and innovation in many business fields with remarkable success. It has blazed a new trail of development for China’s Reform and Opening-up as well as the modernization Drive by attracting and utilizing foreign capital, introducing advanced technologies, and adopting advanced and scientific international practice in operation and management thus building up good reputation and image both home and abroad with a remarkable performance. At the end of 2010, CITIC Group Corporation’s total assets stood at RMB 2539.1 billion, net assets RMB 172.5 billion, operating income RMB 263.9 billion and net profit RMB 33.4 billion. CITIC was enlisted in the Fortune Global 500 for the third consecutive year in 2011, ranking the 221st.

CITIC GROUP WEBSITE: http://www.citic.com/wps/portal/enlimited/