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CITIC Heavy Industries Company Ltd (CITIC HIC) began in 1956 under the name of Luoyang Mining Machinery Plant, in Luoyang China. In 1993 it was merged into the CITIC Group to become CITIC Heavy Machinery Company Ltd.

CITIC HIC was one of 156 "Important Projects" initiated under the Chinese Governments first “FIVE YEAR PLAN”.

Now more than half a century later, CITIC HIC has become the largest mining machinery manufacturer and one of the largest heavy machinery manufacturers in China.

CITIC HIC was awarded “Chinese Backbones” — the national “500 Most Powerful Enterprises in Comprehensive Strength”. It is also one of the first 50 enterprises accredited for International Management in China.

In 1987 CITIC HIC aquired the first nationally approved Technical Centres in this Industry. The subsidiary, Luoyang Mining Machinery & Engineering Design Institute (LMMEDI), is the largest organisation for technology development and research in mining machinery in China. It specialises in Research, Development and Design of equipment and turnkey systems for the mining industry.

CITIC HIC is a market leader in China with equipment operating successfully in China and around the world (including Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia).