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New Breakthrough in International Forging Market

Release Date: 22 September 2014     Font size:  Small  Medium  Large
On 5th September 2014, CITIC HIC has received an order from MENCK in Germany for large anvil forging (net weight 180tonne). This being the one of our largest single piece forgings, it will be forged by our in-house 18500 tonne oil press machine. The forged product will be one of the core components within one of the largest underwater hydraulic piling machines developed by MENCK. By receipt of this order CITIC HIC has successfully established its presence into the international high end, large forging market and this will be to our advantage in development of our presence into the international forging market.
MENCK is one of the most famous underwater hydraulic piling equipment manufacturer and solution provider worldwide, MENCK’s headquarters is located near Hamburg Germany.