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Office Inauguration

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Mr. WANG Jiong, Vice President of CITIC Group & Chairman of CITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd, attended the Opening Ceremony of CITIC HIC Australia Pty Ltd

Sydney, Australia – 2nd March 2009: The Opening Ceremony of CITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd (CITIC HIC) Australia Pty Ltd was held in Sydney, Australia. Mr. WANG Jiong, Vice President of CITIC Group & Chairman of CITIC HIC, and Mr. REN Qinxin, Vice Director & President of CITIC HIC, attended the ceremony to unveil the new company.

Government officials from Department of State and Regional Development of New South Wales & Auburn Council of Sydney, Mr. Rajiv Kalra, CEO of CITIC HIC Australia Pty Ltd, Mr. Barry Fitzgerald, CEO of CP Mining, the representatives of suppliers and customers, Mr. YU Zhangfa, the Vice President of CITIC HIC, and all the staff of CITIC HIC Australia Pty Ltd witnessed this significant moment.

Mr. WANG Jiong, Vice President of CITIC Group & Chairman of CITIC HIC, addressed the ceremony enthusiastically. In his address, Mr. WANG Jiong pointed out CITIC HIC should seize the moment in the revival of heavy equipment manufacturing, take market opportunities with foresight and a view to develop business opportunity in the developing global economy actively  implement the international strategies. The founding of CITIC HIC Australia Pty Ltd not only established a firm base for CITIC HIC to develop its overseas market, gain the initiative in market competition, evade market risk and increase the international competitiveness, but provided a wider platform to realize the economy co-prosperity between China and Australia.

In the speech given by Mr. REN Qinxin, he stated “The development and prosperity of the global economy requires and relies on resources more and more. Although the economic crisis has taken place globally, there is no change for the demand trend and the reliance on resources in the long term. Australia is a beautiful and rich country, especially famous for her abundant mineral resources. More than this, the most advanced mining techniques and experts are originate here. Any corporation engaging in the mining industry in the world, desires to establish a marketing platform in Australia. Based on this consideration, CITIC HIC formed this company in Australia as a business  devoted to sharing our modern mining machinery and manufacturing achievements with more international customers. Despite some barriers existing during forming the company in the state due to cultural differences between China and Australia, we are sure CITIC HIC will be an international corporation with high amalgamation capability.CITIC HIC Australia Pty Ltd successful growth!”

“CITIC HIC Australia Pty Ltd has set up operation during the last year and has contributed to the development of the Asia-Pacific mining market with the assistant and support from CITIC HIC and others”, said by Mr. Rajiv Kalra, “This unveiling is a new starting point for CITIC HIC Australia Pty Ltd. Our team will make more effort to bring CITIC HIC products and services to overseas markets in wider fields”.

After the ceremony, Mr. WANG Jiong and Mr. REN Qinxin with the working team of CITIC HIC Australia Pty Ltd took a video conference with CITIC HIC headquarter in Luoyang. Mr. XU Fengqi, secretary of the Party committee and other leaders of related departments in CITIC HIC participated in the conference to celebrate the founding of the new company.