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CITIC HIC has been working on the development and service for the Metallurgical Industry for a long time, and has successfully supplied products to customers home and abroad.

Some examples of such products include:

The equipment required prior to the steel making process:

    For mining (Shaft Drilling Machines, Hoists)

    For mineral separation (large-sized Crushers, large-sized Ball Mills)

    Oxidized Pellet Kilns

    HP Roller Mills

    Active Lime Turnkey Projects.

Equipment for Active Lime Turnkey Projects

We design, manufacture and install all the equipment used in a 600-1200 t/d active lime production line and can accept any Turnkey Projects. Our market share in this industry is over 70%. The equipment designed and supplied for 1000t/d active lime project for Taiyuan Iron & Steel Group is the largest in China.

Oxidized Pellet Kiln

We provided an Oxidized Pellet Kiln for a 1.2-5 million t/y production line for Wugang Co. The kiln dimensions are Dia 6.854m x 47.2m and it has been labeled “The King of the World”.

Bar Mill & Wire Mill

We can design and supply Turnkey Projects of 150,000-800,000 t/y Bar Mills and Wire Mills. A Turnkey Project of 160,000t/y for AC Plant in the Philippines in 1995 was highly apprised by the President of the Philippines.

Plate Mill & Strip Mill

We provide various size medium-thickness Plate Mills, Strip Roll and De-coiler Mills etc. the De-coiler Mill for POSCO, Korea was successfully completed and trial-run. This Mill was well received by the customer.

High-speed Cold Reduction Mill

We have made more than 200 cold tube mills in our LG range. Among them are: LG-90-GHL, LG-180-H, LG-220-H high-speed long travelling ring-pass cold tube mills. These Mills are the front runner in their category in China.

Tubing & Bar Straightener

We can supply Tubing & Bar Straighteners for diameters in the range of 20mm to 680mm. Our market share for this product is over 80%. The JGL-680 6-roll Pipe Straightener is the largest in the world.

  • For plate
    (Medium-Thickness Plate Rolls, De-coiler Roll, Cold Continuous Rolls, Single-Stand Cold Rolls)
  • For pipe
    (Hot Piercers, Cold Tube Mills, Cold-Drawn Tube Mills)
  • For Bar & Wire Mill, for finishing
    (Leveler Set, Plate Straightener, Pipe & Bar Straightener)