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CITIC HIC can supply several kinds of equipment for hydropower stations, power stations and power generation.

CITIC HIC owns the intellectual property rights for the Pure Low Temperature Waste Heat Generating Equipment, which meets the needs of the development of Chinese circulating economy.

Equipment for Hydropower Station

Various kinds of gantry, fixed, pancake winders.

Bridge Crane

Bridge crane in 5-250t series.

Equipment for Power Station

Coal Ball Mills for 200MW-300MW unit and double-end coal Ball Mills for 300MW-600MW unit.

Power Generation Equipment

3000-50000kW Condensing, suction, back-pressure and blocked turbine set.

Pure Low-temperature Waste Heat Generating Equipment

We have been engaged in research and development of generating power by utilizing the low-temperature waste heat for a long time, and have mastered the design skills and key technology of recovering the low-temperature waste heat. We can accept a turnkey contract for the design, manufacture and installation of low-temperature waste heat systems for the iron and steel industry, cement industry, and petroleum & chemical industry etc.

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